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"Feed the Hungry"


Groveland Food Shelf is a non-profit 501(c)(3) providing emergency groceries for those in need. We believe no one should go hungry, so if you have a need for food please visit the Need Food? page. Groveland Food Shelf appreciates donations in all shapes and sizes, so please visit our DONATE page if you would like to experience how rewarding it is to give to families and individuals who are hungry. Find out more about how we serve over 5,000 clients a month HERE

Groveland Emergency Food Shelf has a physical location in the Stevens Square neighborhood of Minneapolis and operates two outreach programs. The MCTC Food Pantry  at Minneapolis College (MCTC) serves students and families in need. As of Fall 2020, a partnership with Liberty Community Church in North Minneapolis supplies funding & food for the after school program: “21st Century Academy.

With the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic in February of 2020, Groveland is now consistently serving about 5,000 clients per month, this is a 2x increase in clientele from pre pandemic.

Volunteers Packing Food
groveland food shelf.png

Groveland Emergency Food Shelf

Minneapolis, MN

We believe people in need should not live in hunger.

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